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Dr. Baradaran (B)

Doctor Shahrooz Baradaran AKA Dr. B has been practicing general dentistry since 2001. Over these years, he has worked in many different professional areas such as hospitals, dental clinics, private offices, and mobile dentistry. This wide range of experiences has brought him the knowledge and expertise to better serve people in different age groups with different medical and physical conditions.

In 2012, he successfully completed the international dentists' qualifying program at University of Western in London Ontario with distinction and received the "Dr. Glen Wallker" award for excellent patient care.

Since then, he has been practicing as a dental associate in Guelph, Ontario. For several years, he has worked at Golden Care Dental Services providing mobile dentistry for seniors and medically compromised patients in retirement and nursing facilities across GTA.

He is also an awesome dad who hopes to bring a healthier smile to more kids and their families in the neighbourhood.

Dr.Baradaran principle dentist at Harbord Dentistry

Our Team

Although we are a small team, we care about our patients like family and make sure each one of them leaves our office with a great experience.

Besides dentistry, we are passionate about people, art, design, cooking and life in general.    

If you are in the neighbourhood, please stop by and say hi.


Our Office

Our team's expertise coupled with our state of the art dental equipment leads to better results for our patients.  

We have made sure our facility is entirely accessible for patients who use wheelchair. 


Image of Harbord Dentistry Operatory Rooms
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